Centering something within div relative to page

I have three divs here:
Utility Data

  1. Top (holds title)
  2. Left (holds menu)
  3. and Right (holds table)

The table position looks OK on a standard screen, but it becomes really skewed on a wide screen. How do I center the table in the Right div related to the page itself (and keep the menu in the same place)?

It’s not quite clear how you want the page to work, but something like this would probably be better:

.header {width: 100%;}
.left {float: left; width:200px;}
.right {overflow:hidden;}

Try a test page with those styles instead of the ones you have.

It’s also a good idea to wrap the page content in a wrapping div to contain everything. With the styles above, the heading would keep moving right on larger screens, so you could set a maximum width on it; but again, I would instead wrap it in a wrapper div that enclosed everything.