Centering select

Hi all
I have a big 489x146 image that I am showing as a background. I want to center a select in the middle of it. How can I do this please? Thank you

#bigimage {background: url("/admin/media/buttoncomprar.jpg") no-repeat;}
<style type="text/css">
<div id="bigimage" style="width:489px;height:146px;padding-left:0px;">
<select> <option>

Put text-align:center; on #bigimage.

Thanks! And it I want it to be near the bottom I just put some padding-top on the select? Thanks

This works fine moving the select to the right place - is it the right way do to it? Thanks

<div id=“bigimage” style=“width:489px;height:146px;padding-left:0px;”>
<div style=“padding-top:70px;”>Select<select> <option></option></select></div>

You could have just added padding-top:70px to #bigimage and reduced the height by 70px. There was no need for the inner div.

I assume the inline style was for example only so make sure you add it to the css file in your real page.