Centering navigation that uses background images for links

I am trying to center a navigation list to the rest of the page that uses background images for the links. I have tried the


method, but that seems to mean that I need to change my list items that are being displayed using




, which makes the background images break. Is there a way to do this?

Here is the website. It is the main navigation bar under the logo that is of concern.


Use inline-block instead of floats and then you can center them with text-align:center on the parent.

#nav ul{text-align:center}
#nav li{
* html #nav ul li{display:inline}/* ie6 fix */
*+html #nav ul li{display:inline}/* ie7 fix */

The IE6/7 fixes must follow after the original rule or they won’t work properly.

Thanks, Paul! That did the trick! I appreciate your help, once again!