Centered fixed divs posting this again because its more a development issue

You are mistaken or not understanding what is happening here :slight_smile:

The thumbnails don’t stop at an arbitrary position they are inside a container with min-width set which stops them from overwriting the big image when the window is closed smaller.

However when you close your browser window smaller than the min-width a scrollbar will appear for you to scroll to the right and and see the thumbnails. If your window was only 200px wide the thumbnails would scroll all the way across the screen and off the left side as well. There is no arbitrary position.

A scrollbar will appear to allow all of that element to be made visible and how much it scrolls will depend on how far open the window is at the time.

The fact that your fixed image is in the way is irrelevant because fixed elements are removed from the flow and have no impact on anything else. It’s as if they aren’t there at all.

If the big image wasn’t using fixed positioning then it would also scroll to the left with the thumbnails. Fixed positioning actually means “do not scroll with the document”.

Most galleries would put the thumbnails in their own little scrolling box under the big image which would seem a logical solution.

I don’t see any other options apart from what we discussed. You have to remember that not all things are possible.:slight_smile: If you go to my site and close the window until you see a scrollbar you will see the same thing happens because my navigation is using fixed positioning also.