Cells Out Of Place In Table

I can’t figure out why the class “contentshop” cells (4 of them) in the table withinin the “content” div are dropped down halfway…

Here’s the page.

What’s wrong?

This typo in your css selector for td.contentshop might be part of the problem but more than likely it will just be ignored.

td.contentshop {
width: 135px;
pa[COLOR=red]ddd[/COLOR]ing: 0 0 0 11px;
margin: 0;

The more likely cause of the problem is at the bottom of your css file where you set the width of all td’s and tr’s to 100% after setting all table widths to 100%.

The td and tr selectors might be causing some sort of row wrapping pushing the table content down.

Try removing the td and tr selectors since they shouldn’t be needed since the table width is set to 100%

Excellent. Got it! Thank you.