CDN for wordpress site

Hi guys, new to this forum and I can see there are lots of experts here. So recently I came across this thing called Cloudflare CDN and I wonder if there are any real benefits for a small site, less than 5k visitors per month right now. Another thing is, sometimes when I click on a link to a site, a cloudflare page shows up saying it is doing some checks. Doesn’t that turn off people and make them bounce?
Thanks in advance and hope this is the right forum to ask.

I have moved this to General Web Dev as it’s not really relevant that it’s a WP site. The CDN doesn’t care.

A CDN can usually speed up any site regardless of its size.

I definitely recommend you to use CDN, it doesn’t really matter whenever website is small or big, since not trying to improve the speed can decrease the chances of gaining more visitors. CDN speeds up the loading speed since it uses the users geographic location to send content of your web from a server closeby.

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