Category/Taxonomy Structure for Location Reviews


I’m creating a neighborhood review web site using Wordpress and Gravity Forms.

I’m struggling on how to set up the structure of the site. Right now, I have categories set up as States > Military Bases. Neighborhoods are submitted with a review as a custom field. However, I’m realizing that more than one person will submit the same neighborhood, so I need a way to group them. I’ve thought of using custom taxonomies, but I don’t know how to link a group of neighborhoods to a base. I don’t want a general neighborhood taxonomy to be used across the entire site, because there may be neighborhoods with the same name at multiple bases.

Is there a way to skip using categories and use only taxonomies instead? So I could have: State > Base > Neighborhood as one big hierarchical taxonomy? This idea sounds great but I’m wondering how I can have a user create a new taxonomy when writing a new neighborhood.

Any opinions on best practices for this problem will be very helpful!


Casey Can you explain what you mean by the neighborhood are submitted as a field. Are people allowed to create things, like categories?

Taxonomy is how you make hierarchy, the only way to make hierarchy in WP is via categories. You can kind of hack tags to work like one. This may help Function Reference/register taxonomy « WordPress Codex

Well right now I am storing neighborhoods as a custom field, so it’s part of the meta for a post. I would like people to be able to create categories if I could figure out how to. I’m using gravity forms as the front end.