Catalogue of web styles

Does any of you people know if there exists a catalogue of commonly seen styles of webdesign?

I’m thinking of something like this article, which presents 5 distinct styles; Grungy, Minimal, Metallic, Abstract + Transparency and Web 2.0. I’m not sure the last one is clearly defined, but the others are clearly some archtypical styles.

Have you ever seen a catalogue like this?

Yes, that’s fairly close to what I had in mind. Thanks.

There are a bunch of on-line design magazines

To name just a few

something like ?

You will need to dig through the archives but Smashing Magazine’s inspiration section has a whole range of articles dedicated to stuff like grungy or minimalistic design:

Also: This site doesn’t categorise the designs, but it has big previews so you can easily pick and categorise the entries: