Cashing American Checks & Money Orders in Australia

Thanks guys, I need the info. Seems regardless of the bank it is still expensive.

does anyone know if PayPal would process checks and money orders written out to me or my business? I was told they do but I’m not sure. I will email them soon but going on past experience the reply will be some automated useless piece of information so I would rather hear it from real users.

btw, I tried hsbc bank but it was the same with them - high charges.

Another thing I wanted to say is that I’m not worried about processing time so please don’t bother with info with that as I don’t care if I have to wait months I’m onoly worried about losing money and I’m quite able to get along without the cash in my hands, I just want it placed in a bank or similar without losing a big chunk on it on fees.

I didn’t think PayPal processed cheques at all. Im prob. wrong though.

Bedigo Bank charge $6 for each US check and a 70c service fee. You can open a business account with them for no monthly fees as well. There is a 28 day process time delay.

UPDATE: Bedigo Bank now charge $10 per check. I’m in the same situation, I get checks from affiliate programs etc that can range from $10 to $200 dollars or more but the fees make it hardly worth it for the smaller checks.

I dont know if this works for you, but if you want to wait, you can save up all the cheques (assuming they’re from the same company) and cash them at once. My bank charges 1 price for cashing cheques from the same foreign bank, so I can throw in 10 $50 cheques for only $10 fee.

Of course if the company is small and unstable you probably dont want to wait around that long…

Hi Luckyduck, I asked my one of my banks about this but they said I would be charged $10 per cheque. What bank are you with?