Case and order by issue


I am trying to use the results of a case statment as the ordering mechanism in my query. it errors saying no such column as ‘stuff’.

what is I doing wrong, please?

Please note that this sequencing requirement is a different one from that being done by sequence_number column.

, fd.file_heading
, fd.file_text
, case when fd.text_or_a_list = 'text' then 1
  else 0 end as stuff
, fs.sequence_number
, fi.image
from file_data AS fd
inner join
file_sequencing AS fs
on fs.file_id = fd.file_id
left outer
join file_images AS fi
on =
where fs.business_id = 504
and fs.file_name_in_home_language = 'Home'
and fs.live_from = ( select max(b.live_from)
                        from file_sequencing as b
                         where b.business_id = fs.business_id
                           and b.live_from <= curdate()
                           and b.file_name_in_home_language = fs.file_name_in_home_language
and fs.live_to = '0000-00-00'
order by stuff asc

Thanks Rudy,

I C+P’d that wrongly and have just noticed (thanks to your reply), the closing bracket was after the order by clause lower down (behind the bottom of), the query window.

sorted now :slight_smile:


where is the matching closing parenthesis for this opening one –

AND fs.live_from = ( SELECT...