Cart that does this?

I’m looking for cart that can do this:

Automated follow up emails. So a customer places an order and 7 days later they receive an email to see if everything is ok?
The same system would also allow discount coupons on customer birthday, coupon emailed upon a customers first order. When a customer has spent xxxx they get an automated email with discount coupon. That sort of thing.

In other words an automated system to keep them customers coming back.
It would also email customers who have registered but not ordered after 7 days. Customers who have not order for a while. Customer who did not complete an order etc.

I’m looking at php carts and prefer a paid one as I require good support.

Any suggestions?

Most of your requirements could be implemented to any shopping cart as custom development project.

Thanks for your reply.
prestashop shop does this but its open source and like I say, I’m looking for paid support.

X-cart have a 3rd party module that does it too but until x-cart 5 is released and stable there no point in going that road.

Interesting you say these features are original. I’m amazed this isn’t included in every cart available. Seems a bloody obvious marketing feature to me :rolleyes:

My business is in its 3rd year so I’m not coming to this as a novice. I’ve out-grown my current cart and this is the one feature I’m having trouble finding in other carts.

I actually think there is a big gap in the market. Most carts are made by developers for developers. But a lot of e-commerce site owners are business people not techy types. I can do the basics such as installing and running the site but I wish there was a cart aimed at business people.

I’m really not too keen to go down the customisation root because there is always the issue of breaking something when you update. It all gets too complicated then. Again, business people want to just run their business not spend days/weeks messing around.

Re: the birthday. Fair point but surely the system work keep that in mind?

I think something like this is better off custom-made. Some of those requirements are rather original.

That or a cart system which allows plugins, those are more likely to have more specific requirements.

As to coupons on the customer’s birthday, I would recommend against it. Surely you’d just have customers making repeat accounts with birthdays the following day to get a cheaper order?