Cart + Blog - how would you do it? Drupal?

I have a site in mind that needs a cart for a handful of products and a blog. It also needs a custom comparison page where a visitor could select one or more choices from check-boxes relating to the product functionality they want and then the site returning the most suitable choice. It also needs automated emails to be sent to customers in the weeks and months following their order… to request reviews for example.

drupal + ubercart?
WP + …?
opencart + …?

Check my site with Ubercart and blog built on Drupal 6.
If you start with Drupal 6 you will need upadate the site, modules and themes to Drupal 7 later on

Hey that’s a really balanced review and I think it’s pretty much telling it like it is. WP has really taken off because it is so easy to set up and get going whereas Drupal has been the heavy hitter for insanely complex sites.

I haven’t really spent a lot of time looking at D7 because I’ve been immersed in D6 production sites but I hear the Admin usability will be greatly improved which will be nice.

If I go with drupal, I think I’ll wait until 7 is out.

Here’s post about drupal versus wp for what it’s worth.

I’d use Drupal + Ubercart.

Don’t use the core blog module… It’s limited. Instead use CCK, Views and Taxonomy to create a new content called “blog” and use views to create your blog main page. You can then quite simply add whatever functionality you want for tagging (taxonomy) displaying and archiving.

As far as your product comparison goes, you’re probably going to use views and some sort of filtering from several product attributes but I’m certain if you have you logic figured out it can be achieved.

Emails will have to be done with a cron job of some sort probably set up and activated through your Ubercart. I’ve never done that with Ubercart so I don’t quite know exactly how.