Career move: Out of Web to other Programming fields?

Okay so I’ve been doing the web thing for 12 years and I think it is safe to say I hate it. Of course I love what the web stands for, freedom, yay and all of that but actually building it. I’d prefer to work at a fast food outlet, if it paid better :wink:

I’m desperate to get out of this industry but I have no other skills and dropped out of high school to do this for a living (wouldn’t recommend that kids :p). I love programming, it’s still fun but I’m over websites and web apps.

Does anyone know anyone, or are you someone in the same situation? that has or wants to get out of the web industry and into another. What path did they, or you take?

Learning a new language is easy enough, I’ve thought about Java considering it has more than a few uses. But how long would it take for me to get out of a web job and into Java jobs? I know ActionScript fairly well as I spent a whole year+ learning Flex 3/4 (wise choice huh?) so that could help…

I’m so experienced in this field I’m worried about being boxed in.

you have developed web apps for 12 years and have not had to use C++,mysql,javascript,actionscript,html,css,php and who knows what other languages almost daily to complete the task?

if you dont mind me asking, what “field” exactly are you so experienced in?

First of all it’s websites, not web apps. I thought it would be obvious that I’m experienced in the basics of web programming. I know HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP like the back of my hand. I clearly stated I knew ActionScript, try to read the whole post next time.

I guess that would also depend on the job market where you live. If they are having difficulty finding suitable java candidates, it might take only one interview.

sorry for the confusion, any way i was not trying to be an ass, i was wondering what i was doing wrong with my job…

If you’ve truly developed a lot of PHP (not just querying databases and outputting) then you are allready fairly close to Java, and going from one to the other is not that big of a leap. If you’ve worked with Object Oriented PHP that is.

I don’t know what it’s like where you’re located, but here getting a good development job often requires something to show, be it direct work experience or degrees. The alternative is starting as an intern and then working your way up, but if you come from a full decent paying job that may be a drastic change in lifestyle :slight_smile:

If you aren’t willing to relocate, I would do some research on what type of programming jobs are available in your area. If not, look into what positions are available all around. It is really a matter of what is available. Apply and see if you hear anything back - if not consider getting certified in other types of programming.

Thanks for the replies. I’m suprised so many of you have said it depends on the local market considering that being a freelance programmer is always an option and the internet doesn’t know borders (err, for the most part ;)).

That said, where I am located Java and PHP are kings and to be honest .net has a big following as well so there is a solid variety for such a small out of the way city. I’m prefer using OOP and MVC, however when it comes to strict OOP design and design patterns I could do with some more practice.

@behati, do you know both Java and PHP? any Java book recommendations?

Apart from Web Programming, what do you guys do?

True, but you were talking about a job. That made me think you were looking for a steady job, not freelancing :slight_smile:

Would you be able to walk into a room and say I am an expert in ___?

For example, I have been doing web stuff for 10 years, with a specialty of web accessibility, with 20 years of experience working with assistive technology in the personal and professional arenas. So yeah I can’t be a software developer, but I can be a program manger or coordinator to ensure the companies products are as accessible as posible

Well, you would need a lot of training to be an effective Manager or Coordinator as there are a lot of other skills required for those roles. I see what you are saying. I would say I’m an application developer as my focus has been Content Management Systems, both custom and open-source based (no, not wordpress).

Hrmmm, things to think about, thank you for your post :slight_smile: