Card Not Present & Card Present Transaction

I need to process the typical card not present transaction and also card present transaction using card swipe on our website.

Any suggestions of which payment gateway/merchant account to use for this?

Do payment gateways like work for both or are we talking about two seperate products?

Thank you

Thank you very much. We got it all done and things are smooth. Learned a great deal in the process.

We also decided to become PCI compliant and learned a great deal about that as well.

You would need two merchant accounts - one for the CNP environment and one for the CP environment. Most providers will give you a terminal for the CP environment.

If you are processing a lot of card present transactions, get the other merchant account - since the discount rate is cheaper, about 40 basis points. The virtual terminal will allow you to process the card present transactions but you will be paying a lot more for that transaction. Plus if you swipe the card, you will have fewer chargebacks.


A followup questions. Did you mean two merchant accounts or two payment gateways?

I work with Inuit at the moment and they say 2.XX percent for CNP and 1.X for CP. I figured they would know which is which?

I talked with and they said a gateway for each.

Thank you


If you have a PayPal account, you can sign up for Virtual Terminal. You can manually run credit cards through the PayPal website. It’s $30/month + fees of roughly 3%+0.30/transaction. We used to use this before switching to which gave us better rates. has merchant web login with its own virtual terminal where you can manually run cards as well. In both cases, you use 1 account to accept direct payments as well as manual key swipes. There’s no additional monthly fee for the virtual terminal, it’s included.