Capturing a URL parameter and using it to generate an include_once

long time web site working for years suddenly stops working

the urls are all like this –

the mid number is supposed to be picked up in the index.php code and used to generate an include_once where the file to include is 0.php, 1.php, 2.php. etc.

recently it stopped working, and all links defaults to mid=0, the home page

so all the links look like they’re working (they’re in the address bar okay) but it always displays only 0.php

i am ~not~ a php coder so i don’t really know what could be causing this

anyone able to offer suggestions where to look? here’s the relevant code –


	if($smid != ""){
		$pageNum = $mid."_".$smid;
		$pageNum = $mid;



What changed?

I don’t see where you get $mid.
As in $_GET['mid']


that particular line was never there, and yet the technique used to work

i did not write the code but it is ~many~ years old… did php behave differently in earlier versions?

i’ll try inserting this GET in a minute… anything else i should look out for?

I would expect to see something like:-

if(isset($_GET['mid'])) { $mid = (int) $_GET['mid']; }
else{ $mid = '0'; }
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You would need to ask someone older who has been doing php longer than me.
I thought you need get or request to define the variable in the script, but I may be wrong.

No server upgrades?

this worked! i am so chuffed!!

thanks for your prompt help!!

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Because $mid worked before without its being assigned a GET value it is most ikely it had global scope. Variables with global scope can cause various problems including potential security vulnerability.
I suspect the change was made silently by the host (ini config setting?) for security reasons.

thanks, that makes sense

as i said, i’m not a php guy, my only experience in dynamic coding is coldfusion

So in such a case a variable can be defined from a url string without the programmer explicitly telling that to happen or validating that input? :eek:

I was under the impression that register_globals was a thing of the past, but the described problem sure seems like that is what is involved.

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