Capture screen to a .gif animation


I would like to make some quick show of my site features like this one:

I have looked for several screen capture software sites and most of them only does video (AVI) and some (MOV), but I don’t want to since they are most to show very quick animations.

Do you know any software capable to do this? Or there is any other method?

Thank you

I believe TurboDemo ( can do this!

Thank you I will take a look!
hum…The quality don’t seem good :stuck_out_tongue:

you have tried it?

Yes I have tried a trial version of Turbo Demo, perhaps is the Trial mode that don’t have much resolution. But I will explorer it better, thank you!

I think Wink does what you need. It outputs a flash file but it doesn’t use video capture to do so. I think it takes screenshots and it records the position of the mouse pointer whenever you click and then it interpolates. It was developed for tutorials but I think it will work fine for your needs.
Oh, and it’s free.

Hello Krusade,

Thank you, I have already know Wink. However still not take the little gif animations that I want without the player bar with some good quality like netvibes in my first post.
I still don’t get the time to test TurboDemo but it seems the right one for me.

But thank you for you post.

I think you should use a video screen capture software application and capture the video sequence WITHOUT using a CODEC. This is important because the compresion most CODEC’s use will introduce artifacts. Then capture at a low frame rate like 5 to 10 frames per second. Then use a GIF animator such as Uleads GIF Animator that can convert and compress AVI to GIF.

When converting an avi to a gif… the image quality can never be that good as gif supports a max of only 256 colors… while avi is a true color format.

I wonder too why does Kanustep insist on gif. I recommended “Wink”, which outputs swf, without avi capture involved and with practically zero image quality loss. There is even an example capture on their homepage, it looks pretty nice to me.
But, anyway, Kanustep, if you really need the output to be gif, you can make a video capture with Fraps (full frames), open the file in Virtual Dub, export all the frames and then use Image Ready to compile a gif animation for you. Good old 256 colors.

Hi Krusade,

Wink captures in Flash, but the animations are to post on forums and blogs so flash and video doesn’t work on much of them, or required to install other components to handle with Flash or .avi/.mov files.

Thank you to all, I have tested TurboDemo and is working fine on Gif capture, just need some adjustment.

There is a minor issue to consider with SWF. If you have Firefox, you can block all flash animations from running without manually activating them via the Flashblock extension. This is useful to stop annoying audio or flash-based popups when visiting new sites. And there may even be a few people in the world that do not have Flash installed.

Animated GIF’s do not have this problem.

Thanks for a great question.

I’ve been using Camtasia for a while to produce flash video. After reading your question, I played with Techsmith Camtasia (I’m using 3.1.1) and found the Export to GIF option in the “Produce Video As” dialog. The rest is just playing with the settings to get to the right color option and file size. The output size is pretty good: I orignially recorded a 50sec long clip of 900 x 464, using the default settings, the file size output is 340Kb! Just a little bit bigger than the 256Kb upload limit of SitePoint. The produced color is slightly off because there is a wide spectrum of color in the screencast.

I chopped the clip down to about 16 secs and the fiesize is 124KB. And here is an attachment of the screencast in GIF. I used as the test sample because there are small details (the stripes and small patterns) and some animations to see how good the output compression is.

Here is another sample of the clip with Dither On, 256 Color with Fixed palete. The size is a whopping 470Kb but notice how there are more colors. The stripes are quite grainy but it’s understandable because of the dithering and limited color palete. The clip is also a bit longer, close to the orignial 50 sec screen recording.

The result is quite satisfactory, however, I wouldn’t advice to use GIF output for movie or screencast of high color bitrates as we all know that GIF only support 256 colors. I wonder what would happen if we have PNG24-animation (with alpha-channel fullyloaded) ??

Hope this clears up your question!


I like it! Thank you sr3d, and nice site!