Captions in slideshow overlap the following elements

This post is a follow-up to this topic: Slideshow is "empty" initially

Today, I implemented the css from that topic to a new part of my site and ran into a previously undiscovered issue, namely that captions on the slideshow will spill over onto the following elements as seen here (not all the images have a long caption, so if the first one doesn’t break you may need to click through a few slides):

Is there any way to solve this with this particular implementation?

That’s hardly a caption but more like two paragraphs :slight_smile:

You would need to move the slideshow caption out of the controlled height. It may be that you can get away with something like this as you seem to want a fixed height image so this may be the simplest solution if it doesn’t break something else.

.SlideshowPrev, .SlideshowNext{

Captions really are only supposed to be one line long otherwise they are not really captions.:slight_smile:


Thank you, that worked very well. And yeah, they’re perhaps a bit long to be called captions, I had forgotten how much we wrote last time when we did screencaps and commented on them. :slight_smile: