I don’t like ReCaptcha. Can you suggest a good captcha library to downlad? I tried zf/captcha but it creates actuall .png file in a specified file and I don’t know why its expiry garbage deletion is not working.

For what kind of form is it?

In my opinion, the best way to prevent bot filling a form VS accessibility is just to include a simple question like “I am the king of the jungle, who am I?” or something like that.
It’ll block 99% of the bots. The captchas are really bad for accessibility. But I wouldn’t use that simple solution in some popular websites. If you find out someone is abusing your form, you can always go back to captchas.

That is a CAPTCHA - just that it uses a question rather than an image.

There are all sorts of different types of CAPTCHA to choose between.

You can have captchas that show several pictures and ask them to pick the odd one out or a specific picture.

You can use simple arithmatic questions like “what is 3 + 2”

You can use a time CAPTCHA where any form submitted too quickly gets rejected.

If you require visitors to have JavaScript enabled then you can use that as your CAPTCHA.

If you require them to register for an account then the password field is the CAPTHCA.

You can combine unobtrusive CAPTCHAS with more obtrusive ones - such as anyone who takes long enough to fill out the form passes the first CAPTCHA while any forms submitted too quickly redisplay with a more visible CAPTCHA so as to allow those who cut and paste all the content for the form to still be able to submit.

My suggestion…

Check it out. It works great. :slight_smile:

@nimasdj : what is your website about and why do you need a captcha? If it’s for people to register and your website isn’t super popular right now, I would use the approach suggested earlier with a simple arithmetic question… Then, IF you get a lot of bot registration, you could change it or upgrade it. But basically, it just scares users away (in my opinion).