Can't view .dwg files in web browser

Hi, I am trying to view .dwg CAD file using HttpResponse. I tried all the MIME types mentioned here and couldn’t open it. Whenever I click to view it, instead of opening it downloads the file.

Sounds like a kind of file browsers can’t handle. (Usually things like that need a special program to open them. For example, you can’t open a Photoshop file in a browser. You need Photoshop itself to do that.)

Could you save it as a PDF or something for online viewing?

Otherwise, you just have to offer the file for download, and ask the end user to open it in the relevant program for viewing that file.

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How to convert to PDF. I don’t want to use any Desktop tools or Online conversion tools for this. If there is any existing API it would suit me.

Thanks ralphm

According to Wikipedia, a .dwg file is a proprietary binary file format. I don’t imagine there is any program other than the desktop programs that produce the file that are able to read it.

As with Photoshop, there may be some kind of Save As/Export option in the program itself. That’s what I would investigate.

Ah, it’s not quite what I thought. But a bit of googling suggests there might be browser plugins for viewing these files in the browser. E.g.

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