Cant see whats wrong



cant see whats wrong with it, error code “RBRACE”


You seem to be missing the semicolons at the end of your declarations.


.text  {font-size: 11px;}


tried that still the same


Where are you seeing this error message? It’s not one I’m familiar with.

Have you tried running the code through the CSS Validator?


when i hover over line 171 it say RBRACE.

ya ill try the CSS Validator now thanks


In your code editor? What is showing you this error?



theres the error

and it ran it through the CSS validator now it says I have a Parse Error line 184 now so confused


Should you not also have semicolons at the ends of your keyframe declarations?


What is your CSS before line 171? You may well have missed something before that line.


They’re optional on last property/values:)

Seems the most likely answer :slight_smile:


homepagelayout.css (2.6 KB)

there’s my CSS file if ya want to take a look


At the least, you have mismatched curly braces here @media screen and (max-width: 800px)


thanks now error free


Though your issue is already solved, I would like to mention that the term “RBRACE” means “right brace” aka “right curly bracket”. :slight_smile: