Can't save my project files in htdocs folder


I used the Netbeans, and I tried to save my files in the folder ‘htdocs’ of apache server. However, it seems that the permission needs to be changed for that folder or something because I could not be able to save them there. Could you tell me what sould I do?


Anyone knows how can I change the settings of Netbeans so that when I run the project many times, it will run on the same page of browser rather than opening a new page every time?

Awesome I cant believe i actually managed to help someone!!! go me!

As for Dreamweaver, i’m very new to coding and it was one i had lying about. I like it as i can easily manipulte the html about as well as code. there was another thread towards the bottom of this page that was comparing IDE’s - maybe have a look!

Great. That worked!

Tell me more about dreamweaver, is it good for PHP? can you test your code result? what does it provide for php? and what else features does it have?


I use dreamweaver not netbeans, but i get a similar issues unless i open dreamweaver as administrator on my machine. Worth trying the same with Netbeans?

If you are viewing the actual file vs the preview, just hit alt+tab then f5?