Can't open source files

Last year I made a Flash presentation and I need to edit it. I can’t find the version saved on the Vista machine that made it, but I have backups saved on a Mac. When I try to open the Fla files, it says “Unexpected File Format”.

I haven’t upgraded the Flash Version since I made this (CS3). I’ve tried removing the extension on the mac and adding it back on on the PC and zipping it and unzipping it. (These are two solutions I’ve found for this problem.)

Does anyone have any other ideas?

Thanks E

Usually this error occurs when you try to open an fla say created in CS5 and try and open it in CS3
Can you post your fla and i can try open it?

Thank you.

If anyone can open this I would be eternally grateful.


You need cs5 to open it :slight_smile:

That’s strange because I made it on CS3.

Did it open for you? If so which platform are you on MAC/PC?
I guess I could download the demo and convert the file.

Thanks E

I just downloaded the demo. It worked like a charm. Thanks E.

I am on PC.

If it doesn’t work in cs3 then you try the cs5. There’s nothing wrong with trying. :slight_smile: :smiley: