Can't igure out why IE7 is so stupid

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In IE8 and IE9, looks perfect. In IE7, bad.

Help please, what do I need to do?

I wish there was a FireBug for IE7!!!

There are developer tools for IE. They just don’t let you edit the code, but still are handy for debugging.

I have IE7 Dev toolbar but still can’t figure out why it isn’t working correctly.


I had a look in IE7 and it didn’t look too bad.

In fact the only issues I noticed was that your #remember div was lower down in IE7 and that’s because you floated it after the content that you want to wrap. In IE7 and under floats must always come first in the html if you want content to wrap.

The same applies to the .searches (Location) div below it and correcting that will fix the the dropdowns underneath.

You will have to be more specific if you have other problems because its hard for use to spot something by eye when we are not familiar with the page. The more you help us the more we can help you :slight_smile: