Can't get video to load and would be grateful for any pointers please

I’m trying without much success to get flow player to work on a test website. I have it working on another site but on the test site it just doesn’t work. I get an error saying ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: fp. The full error is:

[quote][Error] ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: fp
onOpen (player.php, line 447)
p (jquery.bpopup-0.8.0.min.js, line 6)
(anonymous function) (jquery.bpopup-0.8.0.min.js, line 6)
each (jquery-1.10.2.min.js, line 4)
each (jquery-1.10.2.min.js, line 4)
bPopup (jquery.bpopup-0.8.0.min.js, line 6)
(anonymous function) (player.php, line 442)
dispatch (jquery-1.10.2.min.js, line 5)
handle (jquery-1.10.2.min.js, line 5)[/quote]

Line 447 in the player.php is fp.load();

The code I’m using to load the video (when somebody clicks a button is should load) is:

$(".thumb-vid").click(function(){ $("#pop").bPopup({ modalClose: true, opacity: 0.6, positionStyle: 'fixed', onClose: function(e){ if (fp.loading) { e.preventDefault(); } else { fp.unload(); } }, onOpen: function(){ fp.load(); } });

I’d be grateful for any help on this please.

As flowplayer is a paid product and we don’t have access to it, I suggest that you get in touch with their help forum.

At a first guess though, it looks like the flowplayer library code is not being loaded.

That’s what I thought but didn’t know how to get it to load

I tried the flowplayer forum but they said that because I’m trying to load it on a page that isn’t theirs they can’t help me :worried:

I’m really stuck with this and have tried to debug it but don’t know where to start.

I’d be so grateful for any help please

I used to use the free version of Flowplayer, but to be honest, in these days of HTML5 video, it’s a distant memory now. Have you considered that option? There are tons of great (free) JS libraries for enhancing the experience, too.

Can you link us to your page that’s having trouble?

Have you followed the installation instructions? Those instructions don’t have any reference to an fp variable. So that is where I would start.

Unfortunately I can’t post a link as it’s only accessible via VPN at the moment while it’s in development. Sorry I know that’ not much help but I can post any code that would help

I have followed them and it works on another site but on the test site it doesn’t work at all :worried:

Same code?

Yes but if you need any more code I can provide that

On the site which this is working is the site and video located on the same domain?

no, one’s a full domain the other is just an IP address, although I did try changing the mapping so that the full domain pointed to the IP address but that didn’t work either

I’ve tried added console.log ($fp); to the code to find out where the problem is but that returns empty

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