Can't get my login page to work

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ok I posted another thread on here about just one page… but there are more than one linking to it and I can’t figure out for the life of me where where the problem is… I tried getting support from my host but they said it was a coding problem and that I would have to figure it all out… maybe you guys can help… here’s the coding to all the pages associated with my login page… what am I missing?.. and just so you know I replaced sensitive info with a # …in my files I have the right username, password, database etc. thanks ahead of time…

This is the connect to my sql page

1: "die()" will exit the script and show an error statement if something goes wrong with the "connect" or "select" functions. 
2: A "mysql_connect()" error usually means your username/password are wrong 
3: A "mysql_select_db()" error usually means the database does not exist. 
// Place db host name. Sometimes "localhost" but 
// sometimes looks like this: >> ???mysql?? 
$db_host = "localhost"; 
// Place the username for the MySQL database here 
$db_username = "#"; 
// Place the password for the MySQL database here 
$db_pass = "#"; 
// Place the name for the MySQL database here 
$db_name = "#"; 

// Run the actual connection here 
mysql_connect("$db_host","$db_username","$db_pass") or die ("could not connect to mysql");
mysql_select_db("$db_name") or die ("no database"); 

Only code I could find to be restored!


I’m on iPod atm, but can you upload the files so I can take a look at it tomorrow and edit it?

upload them to where?

Dropbox, pastie, pastebin, airload, etc.

oh… well… I pasted the coding in here already though… can’t you see them?

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