Cant get JQuery Lightspeed to work

I have added JQuery Lightspeed to my site thats in development, but for some reason its not working.

This is the jquery site i got it from - JQuery Lightspeed

And this is my site - My site

Looks like your site is https and the jquery library isn’t so its getting blocked.

Try updating:

<script src=""></script>

To be:

<script src=""></script>

Hi, I just done that and its still there, and in console the error has changed, but the lightspeed isnt working again.

Hi Lee, the clue is in the console:

Try Googling the error message that tells you that your hash is wrong.

BTW, I used to be Pullo in a past life.

Oh Hi Pullo, how you doing.

I was using Firefox and was checking the console and these errors are not there, only in Chrome it seems.

Cool ta.

They’re there in my FF. Maybe you don’t have Errors selected in the dev tools (top right)?

Ah school boy error. Good stuff cheers, I’ll see what its all about.

Thanks James :slight_smile:

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Also to note, there seem to be 2 versions of jQuery in there, could cause an issue.

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