Cant get divs to move down

I have a client that uses 4 social media outlets plus 1 not so popular one and two custom links that he wants all to look the same. The first four are no problem because they are all represented in the font-awesome series. (facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and youTube) However the last 3 are driving me nuts. Of course these all have rollover states and the fonts are easy, the custom ones I have created background images for. (One image, two states, top and bottom. ) So I am just shifting the background image up to show the hover state. All wroks just fine but for some reason, these 3 custom icons are about 4 pixels higher than the previous 4 and I can not get them to move down. I wold think a simple “margin-top” would do the trick but nope.

What am i doing wrong? (See social icons top right)

Many thanks,

Ideally you’d use the same structure over all the different icons, although the easiest way would be to set the vertical alignment.

a [class^="x-icon-"], a [class*=" x-icon-"] { vertical-align:top;}

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