Can't get border to extend to footer

the site is

I’m trying to get the dashed line on the left to touch the footer, but it only extends as far as the twitter widget goes… any ideas?

Just put a div at the bottom. Position absolute it with top/bottom zero and border-left 1px solid. Of course position relative the main container.

Hi gerbera. Welcome to SitePoint. :slight_smile:

Another option is to use a repeating background image with the faux columns method. It will be slightly trickier in that you have a fluid page, so it might also we worth setting max and min widths.


You can’t use 100% height on your main wrapper because that will limit it to 100% and effectively never grow. The CSS faq (see my sig) explains how to use the 100% height and you need min-height:100% instead.

It seems you are also using a sticky footer but your version is broken in IE7 and under so you may want to look at the css faq again as there is a better (if more complicated) sticky footer method that works almost everywhere.

I would also suggest that you make our left column a fixed pixel width because the elements inside it are too big almost immediately for the content (or at least set a min-width in pixels).