Can't Find Mail Logs

We’ve got a Godaddy Simple Control Panel setup on CentOS. I’m in the server trying to find the maillogs but I’m having a hard time finding anything.

I’m trying to get some info on why our phpmailer install isn’t reaching certain people.

/var/log/maillog is empty - completely blank There are other files inside /var/log but I’m not sure which one will have what I’m looking for.

btmp maillog.2.gz messages.11.gz mysqld.log secure.5.gz spooler.2.gz vsftpd.log.10 vsftpd.log.9
dmesg maillog.3.gz messages.12.gz samba secure.6.gz spooler.3.gz vsftpd.log.11 wtmp
faillog maillog.4.gz messages.13.gz secure secure.7.gz spooler.4.gz vsftpd.log.12 wtmp.1.gz
httpd maillog.5.gz messages.14.gz secure.1.gz secure.8.gz spooler.5.gz vsftpd.log.13 yum.log
lastlog maillog.6.gz messages.2.gz secure.10.gz secure.9.gz spooler.6.gz vsftpd.log.14 yum.log.1.gz
maillog maillog.7.gz messages.3.gz secure.11.gz spooler spooler.7.gz vsftpd.log.2 yum.log.2.gz
maillog.1.gz maillog.8.gz messages.4.gz secure.12.gz spooler.1.gz spooler.8.gz vsftpd.log.3
maillog.10.gz maillog.9.gz messages.5.gz secure.13.gz spooler.10.gz spooler.9.gz vsftpd.log.4
maillog.11.gz mailman messages.6.gz secure.14.gz spooler.11.gz tallylog vsftpd.log.5
maillog.12.gz messages messages.7.gz secure.2.gz spooler.12.gz turbopanel vsftpd.log.6
maillog.13.gz messages.1.gz messages.8.gz secure.3.gz spooler.13.gz vsftpd.log vsftpd.log.7
maillog.14.gz messages.10.gz messages.9.gz secure.4.gz spooler.14.gz vsftpd.log.1 vsftpd.log.8

Those are the files inside of /var/log

/var/log/messages is blank too.

I’m using vi to view the files.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi hifigrafix,

The default place that CentOS mail logs are written is /var/log/maillog. I don’t know go-daddy’s hosting controls, but can you set preferences for log paths in your hosting controls? If you can’t then you could ask go-daddy support to provide the path to the logs.

Alternatively, you may find the logs in /usr/local/psa/var/log/maillog

You could check /etc/syslog.conf to see how the logs are configured and should see something like:

> # Log all the mail messages in one place.
mail.* -/usr/local/psa/var/log/maillog

You can check if syslog is running by using a shell command line and do the following (The pound(#) symbol represents the terminal cursor so you don’t type it)

> # service syslog status

if it is running then check

> # lsof -p`pidof syslogd`

Or it might be

> # lsof -p`pidof rsyslogd`

It will show all the files associate with syslog and show path of maillog

I hope that this helps.


Is it possible there is no mail server actually running on your server, hence no logs?

/var/log/maillog is the default for centos mail for most mail systems, exim i know for one uses /var/log/exim