Can't feather edge of photo

I have a portrait where I have removed the background. The edge around the portrait is a little jagged so I either want to feather it or use the Mask Edge function in CS5. However, when I try to do that and adjust the settings, nothing happens to my image.

Why is that?



To feather a part of an image, what you’ll want to do first is make your selection.
If the background has been removed you can make that selection by pressing CTRL and clicking on the layer’s icon in the layers panel.
Now you can feather by selecting the option in the menu, choose your size (in pixels) and click ok.
Now you want to invert your selection by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + I
Now delete. your image should now be feathered. To feather further, just press delete again or change your feather options.

Thanks for that. One I had CTRL + click on the layers icon I was away! :slight_smile: