Can't edit php.ini even though set permission to 644


why can’t I edit php.ini even if set permission to 644?

chmod 644 php.ini

but when try to edit and save changes get error: permission denied…

(this is on my local PHP env, unix/mac 10.6.8)

thank you…

Have you checked ownership too? (chown)

[FONT=Courier New]
chown 644 php.ini

chown: php.ini: Operation not permitted[/FONT]

this is on my own machine… that no one else uses… I should automatically have permissions to everything…

I don’t get why sometimes don’t have permissions to edit files on my own computer…


thank you…

Some system files aren’t available for just anyone (or any program) to change or delete. This is for your own good. :slight_smile: For such cases you need to act as the root user, or superuser. Usually this means typing “sudo” before the command and it will ask you for a password. This will allow you to do something as the superuser.

sudo nano php.ini

The above code will open the nano editor and allow you to edit and save. Substitute nano with the command to open the editor of your choice. (I don’t even know if nano is on a mac by default)

that worked! thank you… (but didn’t solve Drupal install prob I was hoping to solve… yikes :frowning: )