Can't delete message using cfpop/delete/uid

I’m trying to delete specific messages using cfpop, passing UIDs. If I get the headers from my account using

<cfpop action="getHeaderOnly" name="getMessages" server="#mailServer#" username="#username#" password="#password#">

and copy any particular uid, such as:

(notice the space at the end)

I can not delete it using

<cfpop action="delete" uid="210761.wQc,Rx8QN3PZCHBy0oTVD8qHEQk= " server="#mailServer#" username="#username#" password="#password#">

I saw some conversations about this where suggestions were made to use only parts of the given uid, and tried various permutations, to no avail. Any thoughts?

Oh… so I might be screwed, because CF automatically decides that you’re passing a list based on the presence of a comma, and there’s no option to tell it you’re using a different delimiter? If there was, i could possibly figure out what character they’re not using in their uids, use that as the delimiter, and tell the cftag that I’m using a different delimiter, and all would be well in the world…

if so, arghhhhh…

Yep. That’s what the comments suggest anyway…

You could always try a custom tag like CFX_POP3, or do it yourself with low level java stuff. The tag looks easier…

Yes, it’s a single uid. I thought of the comma possibly being a problem, but does CF have any way to escape it? And don’t you have to explicitly tell CF that you’re using a list as an attribute of the cfmail tag?

Is that a single UID? Maybe it doesn’t work because of the comma. CF might think it’s a list of uid’s not just one.

don’t you have to explicitly tell CF that you’re using a list as an attribute of the cfmail tag

If you mean cfpop, I don’t think so. There’s not extra setting with most cf tags. You just pass in your value(s) and if CF automatically detects it as multiples if it finds a comma. cfqueryparam being an exception.