Can't Create with

Guys, I need some help.

Is down? Cause I can’t access it.
It keeps giving me this error: 504 Gateway Time-out

Hi, I get the same 504 error.

My one or two Dapps are still working, I think, but it seems that the Dapp factory has gone on strike :slight_smile: I am using Dapper to search for EU regulations at and send out the results in RSS.

My guess is that Yahoo! will take this useful service down and concentrate on Dapper’s advertising. If they do, and apart from Yahoo! Pipes, I wonder if b.t.w. you may have any other suggestions to replace Dapper? Or any recent blog articles of interest.

With best regards, hoolio

I just wanted to add in that I also can’t access However, i get “An internal server error occurred. Please try again later” instead of a time out. I asked the question with a lot of detail and background over at , and got nothing. I’ve been following different forums (for instance [URL=“”]this one on yahoo), and trying the site every couple of days with no luck.

Whats weird is that there other posts on dapper that don’t mention this, tons of services use it (there are a zillion posts about it on a google search), and yet the web seems dead silent on what happened- other than this post and on , where someone replied “The engineering team is working on migrating the service into the Yahoo! stack which is taking time” back on Feb 1st.

I’m done at this point- i would recommend using, its been wonderful to use, flexible and more. It might take a second to figure out how to use it, but the tutorials are great. Please post if you hear anything new!

Alternatively you can also use service. Is the best one I’ve found and the best of it is that it is all in client side (so there are no server problems)