Cant config the VM

Hi guys, i have bought a book and sais that we must use vagrant and it guive us a site so we can follow steps but i cant pass step 1

Step 1: Set up etc/hosts

etc/hosts is a file present on every operating system. On Windows, it’s in C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/ , on OS X and Linux it’s in /etc/hosts . Edit it as an administrator (one easy way to do this is to run a text editor like Sublime Text as Administrator) and add in an entry like this for every application you intend to develop:

Replace with your desired domain name, or just add in multiple domain names. For example, I have this in my own hosts file:

This means I can access each of these domains in the browser via , or , etc.

I went to host, put the but when i gou to the browser and try or the ip it gives me page not found

Can someone help me please??

thanks so much

Is your local web server running, and is that IP address correct.

(Moving as no PHP content).

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