Cant change link color


I am having trouble finding an a tag and cant seem to change the color of a link.

Check out this page:-

If you look at the top there is a twitter feed. If you look at the “@KittyBeau” text, this is a link in GREEN. I want to change this to purple. Can anyone help me find the css element to do this.

Also, how would i be able to do this easier in the future?


Hi, on “#twtr-widget-1 .twtr-tweet a” you set the color to green, so unless you NEED that !Important on there it’s best to avoid using that because of issues like this :).

I’m guessing you want “fuchsia” color? On “.twtr-doc a” you set it, however it has lower specificity then the “#twtr-widget-1 .twtr-tweet a” so you would hvae to increase the specificity for that (if you need help on how to do that then shout, but I think your good enough to know how :))

Hey Ryan,

But i dont have a css element called #twtr-widget-1 .twtr-tweet a?


Take a look at my css:-

I’m guessing as part of hte JS they import twitter st yles.

If you can’t access them then you could just add !important to whatever rule your setting the purple text on.

If that still doesn’t work then just keep adding specificity to override the !important set

I think you must have found out how to do this already but you can customise the links at the twitter site.

The link colours are then saved in a js file which is then inserted into the css at some point.

As Ryan said you could just over-ride them localy anyway.


#header #twtr-widget-1 .twtr-tweet a {
color:red !important;

If you use firebug in Firefox you can see where styles are coming from and you will know straight away that extra stylesheets are being imported via certain applications using js.


Yes, thanks guys, i forgot that i was actually using a js file where the links were styled.


Thanks again

No problem :). In the future you might wnat to download firebug and get good at using it. It can easily spot anything you need to know :slight_smile: