Can't access my SQL database

I’ve been developing a website on a MAMP based localhost setup. I have an older but live site online. Both were functioning until late last night. While I had been developing the new site on the MAMP setup I had an additional 60+ users register on my live site. Both sites are built using up-to-date Joomla components.
I then exported the user table from my live site, renamed my user table on my MAMP setup, then imported the exported user table into my development site, all using phpmyadmin. It looked like everything came across ok as the new users were included in my user table on the development site. There was one notice attached to each user but research said it was nothing to be concerned about. (Actually can’t recall what it was at this time).
I was still logged into my joomla backend, and tested the site with the new users installed. Everything seemed fine until I logged out of the backend and tried to log back in. No go! I got a wrong username/password message.
Checked my configuration.php file and nothing seemed to have changed there. DBName, userName, userPW and DB are all ok.
I’ve restarted MAMP, have done a repair on all database files and spent nearly a full day trying to figure this out.
The latest message when trying to load up my front or backend on MAMP reads:
“Error displaying the error page: Application Instantiation Error: Could not connect to MySQL”
I am also getting this same message on what was once my live site.
Pulling what’s left of my hair out here trying to find a solution. Any tips as to where I should be looking?

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