Cannot run Coldfusion project


I’m completely new to coldfusion, and I have an existing project from a client to run.

I imported it into coldfusion builder.

I think that the file to launch is index.cfm, that calls ApplicationLogin.cfm.

When I edit ApplicationLogin.cfm and click on firefox tab, I have an error message :

Define client storage DSN through the coldfusion administrator.
And it’s the same for all the files I have edited.

I have seen that the clientstorage in the Application.cfm is CFCLIENTVAR_USWL174.

How to create that client storage DSN ?

Thanks a lot for your help,


You set up the client storage dsn through the CF Administrator. There are two steps. First you create the DSN (named “CFCLIENTVAR_USWL174”). Then you create the client store.

The exact url to access the CF Administrator depends on your setup. If you’re using the built-in webserver it’s usually:

  1. To create a DSN, log into the Administrator and select

    • Data & Services => Data Sources => Add a New Datasource

** Without knowing which database type you’re using, I can’t be more specific

  1. Once you’ve created and verified the DSN. Create the client store. In the Administrator screen select

    Server Settings => Client Variables

There should be a section titled “Select Data Source to Add as Client Store” and a select list of DSN’s underneath it. (The list won’t appear if you haven’t defined any dsn’s). Next, select your new dsn from the list. Then click “Add” and accept the default settings. That is it.

thanks a lot for your answer.

It works.



Great. I’m glad to hear everything’s up and running now.