Cannot recover the mysql database on the wampserver


I have a problem with recovering my saved database in wampserver which crushed but I had another copy of the www folder after reinstalling the wampserver I copied back the www folder in it.
now I cant access the database or its tables, any ideas as to why I can fix the problem?

have u copied the files??or imported the files??
i dont think database can be copy pasted in wampserver. well experts will tell u better :slight_smile:

I copied the www folder on the new installed wampsaver…I tried the import option on the Wampsaver GUI it cannot import. I get this error

SQL query:

default - character - SET = latin1default - COLLATION = latin1_swedish_ci

MySQL said: Documentation
#1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘default-character-set=latin1
default-collation=latin1_swedish_ci’ at line 1

The MySQL Server has a server character set and a server collation, which may not be null.

MySQL determines the server character set and server collation thus:

  • According to the option settings in effect when the server starts

  • According to the values set at runtime

At the server level, the decision is simple. The server character set and collation depend initially on the options that you use when you start mysqld. You can use --default-character-set for the character set, and along with it you can add --default-collation for the collation. If you don’t specify a character set, that is the same as saying --default-character-set=latin1. If you specify only a character set (for example, latin1) but not a collation, that is the same as saying --default-charset=latin1 --default-collation=latin1_swedish_ci because latin1_swedish_ci is the default collation for latin1. Therefore, the following three commands all have the same effect:

shell> mysqld
shell> mysqld --default-character-set=latin1
shell> mysqld --default-character-set=latin1 \

One way to change the settings is by recompiling. If you want to change the default server character set and collation when building from sources, use: --with-charset and --with-collation as arguments for configure. For example:

shell> ./configure --with-charset=latin1


shell> ./configure --with-charset=latin1 \

Both mysqld and configure verify that the character set/collation combination is valid. If not, each program displays an error message and terminates.

The current server character set and collation are available as the values of the character_set_server and collation_server system variables. These variables can be changed at runtime.

Import sql from command line with character set

i imported data from mysql 4.0 to mysql 4.1.9
i set the server characterset and the client to be the same


c:\mysql\bin\mysql.exe -uroot -pMyPassword --default-character-set=hebrew -Dmydb < c:\data.sql

for more info you can go here :-

thanks for the link