Cannot place the popoup in the right place


I am trying to use this calendar popup on my a page.

The popup window should appear in using the DIV tag named “caldiv”.

When I set the position of the DIV tag to “absolute” the popup appears outside the frame in lower right section. Using top and left properties won’t solve the problem.

If I use “fixed” for the position below result is produced. Again top and left properties won’t help.

Would someone please help me with this? BTW I am using the code from “mattkruse” website.

Thank you.


You need to move the caldiv out of its current context because the js is taking the position from the container wrapper I believe.

It needs to be here to work:

 [B]   <div id="caldiv" style="position:absolute;visibility:hidden;background-color:white;layer-background-color:white;"></div>[/B]
<!-- container -->

Your code is in desperate need of some loving care :slight_smile: Although you are using a strict doctype you haven’t been careful with quotes, characters or case.

Paragraphs should be in paragraphs not breaks.


<br />
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            <br />

That should just be inside a <p></p> element and not created with breaks.

Start by validating and correcting the broken code first and then move onto using a more semantic structure with logical headings and paragraphs. :wink:

I appreciate your help very much. I agree with you. The code needs cleanup.

By the way, is there a tool which can help me validate my code (with the doctype I use)?


Thanks a lot.

You can use the html validator here.

and the CSS validator here:

The error messages are a bit hard to decipher at first but you soon get used to them.:slight_smile: