Cannot create more than 38 tables


Following from:

Not sure if this is more a server issue than a PHP/MYSQL one

I cannot create more than 38 tables in my database.


As you can see, there is nothing particularly about line 38 (starting with ADD).

The file size is 100KB, there are 3800 lines. I m doing the testing on a WAMP server on Windows 7.

that looks like a csv to me

i don’t understand where the “38 tables” is coming from

aren’t you trying to load this csv into a single table? if not, why not?


Sorry, should of included more details

The script from this runs, and then stops and throws a error when at the CSV line 38, creating / updating only a maximum 38 tables.

I m not loading all these values into a single table. They are End of Day figures from companies on the Australian stock exchange, and I m creating a table for each one (updated daily).

What would be your advice? Should I throw all these values into a single table (3800 entries) or create 3800 tables?

load them all into a single table

not only is it an easier load operation, i’m betting there are some queries which will be really difficult to write if they require scanning 3800 different tables…


Will do some rewriting, I was worried about 3800 * 365 number of rows for a year.

Also, found the error, it was because the name of the table was ADD, which I presume is MYSQL function, it also stopped when it fell on ALL.