Cannot change link color

There are links at the top of this page, but I cannot seem to change their color from white to show up. You will see them highlight when you hover. I have tried everything to get them to show up, but so far nada.

Any help would be appreciated, and yes, the code is terrible…

They all have inline “font” attributes setting the color to ‘white’. Is this being generated by a scripting language?

<font color="#8A360F">
<li><a href="index.html">
<font color="white"> &#8230; </font></a>
</li><font color="white">
<li><a href="Introduction.html"><font color="white"> &#8230; </font></a>
</li><font color="white">
<li> &#8230; </li><font color="white">
<li><a href="#"> &#8230; </a><font color="white"><ul> &#8230; </ul></font></li>
<li><font color="white"> &#8230; </font></li><font color="white"><font color="white">
<li><a href="Research.html"> &#8230; </a></li><font color="white">

No Parkin, but it is generated by one old and senile guy…if it were any more obvious it would have bitten me. I am embarrassed…sorry, I will look closer next time.

Thank you so much.

Don’t be embarrassed. {As one senile old guy to another} I, too, [more times than I will admit] have stared endlessly at the large batch of trees wondering where the heck is the forest??