CanCanCan: The Rails Authorization Dance

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Recently, I have written an overview of some popular authentication solutions for Rails. However, in many cases, having authentication by itself is not enough – you probably need an authorization mechanism to define access rules for various users. Is there an existing solution, preferably one that isn’t very complex, but is still flexible?

Meet CanCanCan, a flexible authentication solution for Rails. This project started as CanCan authored by Ryan Bates, the creator of RailsCasts. However, a couple of years ago this project became inactive, so members of the community decided to create CanCanCan, a continuation of the initial solution.

In this article, I’ll integrate CanCanCan into a simple demo project, defining access rules, looking at possible options, and discussing how CanCanCan can reduce code duplication. After reading this post, you will have a strong understanding of CanCanCan’s basic features and be ready to utilize it in real projects.

The source code can be found on GitHub.

A working demo is available at

Preparing Playground

Planning and Laying the Foundation

To start hacking on CanCanCan we have to prepare a playground for our experiments first. I am going to call
my app iCan because I can (hee!):

$ rails new iCan -T

I am going to stick with Rails 4.1 but CanCanCan is compatible with Rails 3, as well.

The demo application will present users with a list of projects, both ongoing and finished. Users with different roles will have different level of access:

Guests won’t have any access to the projects. They will only see the main page of the site.
Users will be able to see only the ongoing projects. They won’t be able to modify or delete anything.
Moderators will have access to all projects with the ability to edit the ongoing ones.
Admins will have full access.
Our task will be to introduce those roles and define proper access rules for them.

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