Can you tell me why Google isn't sending me anymore traffic?

I have this 14 month old website that is available in diferent languages. Since June, it has been receiving almost no traffic from Google. Here are a few possible causes:

  • I’ve been adding more languages in July, this might have started confusing Google
  • I’ve changed the language meta tags

URL of my site:

Be sure to click the flags in the top left corner to visit the different language version of the site.

How does your site rank for your keywords? Did that change since June?

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: Until May, the German version of my site was ranking high for the name of my product. Around MayDay it lost its high ranking but then the French version was ranking high for that keyword. In July almost all of my Google traffic fell after I started adding three other language versions…

I only added more content and backlinks so that shouldn’t really be a problem. Also, my SEO is pretty good (I think) and Google keeps indexing my site and updating its cache.