Can you supply feedback for my site?

Hey guys! So I recently started an online business and would love some feedback on the general design of the site. The website is Thank you so much for your time!

The site looks clean and modern, but all I see when I first get there is a name Spectrum, and two buttons “Learn more” and “Buy”. There is no indication in that first impression of what it is exactly I should learn more about or buy. My first reaction, then, is to just leave.

I checked out the pages that the upper tabs link to, and there all I see is the top of a huge letter icon and a buy button. Again, why should I buy when I have no idea what it is the site is selling.

I don’t want to be too harsh, but there needs to be more information on that first look about the product - something that will catch my interest and make me want to look further.


While I’m generally a fan of white space and uncluttered designs, your site requires an awful lot of scrolling to see very little information.

But the thing which would really stop me ever considering buying from you is the total lack of information about the business, or any contact details beyond the contact form. I’m not going to spend the kind of money involved in the purchase of a computer without first checking things like where the company is based, its delivery policy, its returns policy, any warranty information, etc. - and none of this is available on your site.

Without wishing to be rude, at the moment it looks like a site run by High School kids, and that would not inspire me to part with the kind of money involved here.


I’m with webmachine and technobear. I have actually figured out you’re selling PCs but there is far too much scrolling needed - the PC pics and the S on the Spectrum page are far too big.

You say:

Spectrum was founded upon 3 basic principles: simplicity, efficiency, and speed. Shopping for PCs used to be absolute chaos. With hundreds of different models and companies, choosing a well-rounded PC with great specs could take hours—or even days. We decided that it was time to break that trend.

but I don’t see how what you are offering breaks that trend.

Sorry, but you won’t get me to press Buy. Apart from anything else, where in the world are you? Do you ship worldwide? That said, I can’t imagine buying a desktop PC from a company that at least is not on my continent.


No (sensible) person will buy from you without these things, including a phone number, actual address and some way of identifying that you are a real company.


And in many countries it is a legal requirement that if you are selling online you must include a proper address (for example, a PO Box will not do).


You’re absolutely right. We’re going to be getting a delivery-, returns-, and warranty-policy all set up. We will also tell where the company is based.

As for the scrolling part, I’ll admit we followed Apple’s example with big images and lots of scrolling.

Thanks for your feedback!

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Thank you for your feedback!

See my response to @TechnoBear, and thank you for your feedback!

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<off topic>

“So” should not be the first word of a sentence. What does it contribute to the message? (It doesn’t sound very grown up.)



And your reply doesn’t contribute either.

As said, at least you could move “You pick the parts. We build the PC. It’s that simple.” to the top.


Hey there, I really like your business concept. I have built my own computer, and just helped my brother build his. A truly daunting task.

I think the advice so far mentioned concerning your business is good, despite the mode it was given . . . I’d like to reiterate that content is important, it’s key, it establishes your legitimacy as well as gives the user ease of mind, and if nothing else is what your design should be conformed around, not the opposite. Currently, there seems to be an oversimplification, or lack of content. We both know the detail involved with understanding a computer’s hardware and components, all I’m saying is that it’s far too little, tone it back a bit.

As for the design, I think your current home page structure would be better suited elsewhere, consider changing the make-up to a more standard site introduction, keep your main image up top introducing your product, perhaps implement a slider so that you retain your strong visual appeal, yet below that introduce a series of grids or sections where you offer detailed content, whether a welcome or an overview. This Site serves as an example of the typical design trends you may find.

Focusing on the header, the size of it is bothering me for how barren it is for the size. To improve your open and minimal design, I think it would help to crisp it up a bit more, reduce the header height to 65 px, and move your logo a bit to the left.

I also think taking influence from the example site given above would help keep it feel more open and modern.

The only other area that I had a real problem with, other than the general spacing of your content (padding, margins) was when I came to the specific product pages, I’m eagerly given an ambiguous buy now button on a blank section, almost like it’s incomplete.

As I scroll down it becomes an appealing (second) header, but there is really nothing else in it. I feel it’d be much more effective to move that to the bottom of the product page, after the user has had time to go over the specs, it’s literally before the the logo for the product. Far too eager.

Here is my suggestion, add some of the specs along with the title, so that we can know what “Spectrum” is, if you do something as little as this, the user gets the idea of what they’re looking at. And say you want to keep that buy button there, at least add a price. I’ve also added a nice border for this second header, it helps gives some separation / substance to it’s content while you scroll.

I hope some of that advice has helped. Good luck!



I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for your feedback! You definitely took a lot of time critiquing it, and I really do appreciate that. You also gave some really solid advice. I’ll be updating the site soon with the tips you’ve giving me (or at least most of them). Thank you so much for you time!

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I completely agree with this. A slider would be really a good idea for your website/product, @KyleHorkley! :smile:

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Feel free to check out the site now. :smiley:

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Hey that looks pretty good!

Seems like the nav item hover effect should come down from the top instead, now that there is no hard-edge color stop in your header. Though I can see that conflicting with your “current” nav item style. Do what you want with that suggestion, nice improvement regardless!