Can you suggest me How to Protect Smart Phone from Viruses?

Can you suggest me How to Protect Smart Phone from Viruses? by doing internet in smart phone some unwanted applications are accessing. So,can you suggest best Antivirus protection for smart phone.

Hi there,
Could you let us know which smart phone you have (make, not necessarily model) and which OS it is running.

If you’re using an android phone, there are a few antivirus apps available, such as the free trend micro and avast apps.

If your using iPhone you don’t have to worry about it.

i am having some antivirus applications but what is the process of using the antivirus applications.
while iam using internet some unwanted applications are automatically browsing.
How can i stop those unwanted applications can you please suggest me about this.


This sounds like more than one.
Multiple antivirus software is not a good idea.

Which ones?
I’m afraid we need more information before being able to answer this.

I am not sure what you mean by this.
What does “automatically browsing” mean?
Could you be a little more specific.

Also, could you let us know which smart phone you have (make, not necessarily model) and which OS it is running.

i am using windows lumia smart phone.
while using internet the applications are very slow in process.

Is that Windows Phone 7?

Yes, its windows phone 7. In this i am using internet in opera browser.
Now my phone was hanging at the time of doing internet.

There are antiviruses for smart phones so you should use one of them. Lumia is a fast phone and you shouldn’t have much problem but you may need to check if you also have other programs running that take all the memory and if our connection is fast enough.

The AVG Security Suite seems to be the main antivirus solution for the Windows Phone.

However, it seems to be the widely held consensus of opinion that there are no viruses for (non-jailbroken) Windows phone and that security software is useless.

By way of a disclaimer, I have an iPhone.
Is there anyone listening to this that has a Windows Phone who could advise the OP further?

I must be missing something. There is no Opera browser for WP7. Opera only provides a version for the old Windows Mobile, which is completely different from Windows Phone. And there are no Anti-virus software for WP7, (AVG is just some Safe browsing list like the one built into Firefox, course its not even available now anyways.) Even if there were malware, applications are in a sandbox on the phone, they cannot get root access, unlike on Android.

It is actually funny. Android is currently the only smartphone (that has any major market share) that has a REAL malware issue. And Android is Linux. Go figure. But that is the trade off with an unlocked OS. Anything can be done to it. Versus closed systems like the iPhone and Windows Phone.

And yes. I do own a Windows Phone.

me to agree with you my phone is with old windows version and which is completely different from present windows phone.
Android is only the current smart phone, Which has the best technology with it.


Wall + Head…yup… :unhappy:

However, The Nokia Lumia is a Windows Phone, not Windows Mobile. The Lumia line was introduced in 2011 well after WP7 was on the market.

Things are becoming even more confused now.

I feel lucky then that I never had a single issue after 1 year with my Android phone :lol:

Aye, it only really becomes a problem if you go outside of the Android Marketplace. And start hacking the phone with custom this and custom that. But that doesn’t make it any less of an issue.

If you have an android, avast antivirus should do the job. If you are using iphone, you have nothing to worry about. iphones does not require any antivirus as it does not get infected with any virus and malware.

I’m sorry if this sounds harsh but that is just rubbish! It’s like saying that you dont need an antivirus because you have a Mac…
That kind of complacency and macarrogance (just made that word up!) will cost you dearly sometime. Mac’s get virus’, iPhones get virus’ - just because it’s rare doesnt mean it cant happen!

Use the phone as it’s supposed to be used and download from a reputable source and you will be ok, as LE said in post #17, go outside of that and you are as vulnerable as the rest.

Plus the fact, the OP has a Windows Phone.