Can you suggest me an unsaturated market?

i want to start a shopping website, but i can’t think about a market that is not saturated, yet profitable
can anyone help?:cool:

I think that there are very few saturated retail markets - other than books, music, video, and electronics.

Well there are submarkets within all the bigger markets.

IE the Web Hosting market may seem saturated but when you can still find fields within that market that are not so saturated.

the key is always differentiation, as long as you can diustinguish yourself from your competitors through either price, product, service or promotion you should always be able to acheive profitablity no matter how saturated the market is. this of course is making the assumption that there is a need for your offering to the market.

Unless you are doing something original, or doing the same thing better you can’t hope for more then mediocre success. IMO, the best way to hit a market right now is to specialize. Get incredibly specific and know at leats one thing better then anyone else knows it. Then become the source.

I can think of one market - water from the Fountain of Youth. It is an untapped market and it’s not saturated. :smiley: Just a little pun this morning.

Seriously though, specialization is the key. If you can find a niche, with smart marketing you can usually make a few dollars.

Your best bet would be to offer something you know a lot about or a particular interest that you have. Many people run in to trouble when they start building online bookstores and they hate reading. It makes more sense to find something you enjoy where you can share your knowledge with customers.


Unsaturated markets…mmm…
I know one. How about a site called in my basement. List all basement items on your site, get others to list on your site at the same time, and hold a big auction a couple of days a week. Laughs yes do laugh. Could you imagine what if it did work? Obviously this would require a couple dollars to market. It is a wee bit different from eBay though. Auction only runs for say 10 hours where everyone would be hooked. Should I be telling you this? Yes 5% will do on all gross profits.