Can you recommend a site SEO optimizer?

I tried the site optimizer at but it failed to even parse that I did have a title tag or meta description… This is surprising but do you guys know any other good site optimizers out there for SEO?

Thanks Ankit7 - great link indeed. Others, keep it coming :slight_smile:

Let me add that indeed the engine seems very very good compared to everything else I have seen out there.

You should see . It is the best.

Dan, I have a link about SEO optimizer. I will just pm you if I’ve got them. I am just waiting for my privilege to post links.

thanks for your answers and your defense of various approaches. First off, not to brag but just to establish a better basis for my request for advice: I am well educated in SEO techniques (training with Bill Slawski of and years of experience building a promoting sites since I started working in the area at Netscape and Infoseek).

I tend to agree with Gary that the complexity of today’s SEO optimization requires a basic checklist for all the stuff that can be automatically qualified as a problem. Gary, your system is good and rather impressive. It’s just that it gives me 0/100 for “Title SEO Score”, “Title Length Score”, “Meta Description Length Score” and I do have a fairly acceptable and well keyworded title and description meta so I still don’t understand how that score can be at zero if you parsed those… Again we are talking about the site at

Since the days of WebSite Garage (do u remember? ;-), the web site optimizers have come and gone and as of today, I only know two: Gary’s at and in Germany. I don’t read German so I would rather go with yours Gary. Can you explain in greater detail what’s the zero score for?

And for those who advise for good ol’ home made cooking (hand HTML coding) in all cases, I would have the following responses. The site in question is in a CMS because we have 6 people in charge of editing various parts of it. I can code a complex page top to bottom by hand which I did for years in VI in perfect W3C code but I really don’t have the time for that anymore. So please tell me what’s wrong with wanting to automate some basic checks for the baseline of SEO qualities? It saves me time, it makes more time for more important SEO activities like Keyword and content optimization, etc.

Cheers and thanks to all for your replies so far. What do you think?

Dan I believe you need to avoid any automated optimizer tools at all. Do everything manually if you really want good results.

Luckily for us, there are lots of people out there who do know everything there is to know about cars. Unfortunately for us that’s not true of search engines, especially Google, the only people who know how Google works are keeping quiet and the rest of us have to guess. Your SEO page scoring ‘tool’ is guessing and it’s not taking off-page factors into account at all and they matter much much more.

So, not a good analogy garazy.

Well then you’ll have no problem understanding my next point. When you contrive to SEO a page then yes, you probably need a check list. However, you can save yourself all that time and trouble just by being a competent developer who can build a page with semantic markup, something you should be doing anyway, and then by writing your page copy so humans can read it. Then your keyword distribution and location will be perfect, quite naturally and you did’t even have to think about it. Done.

It’s the next step in SEO, undertanding what Google actually want and giving it to them instead of thinking it’s some magic formula that you have to follow, it’s not, it’s simple. Frankly, if you’re relying on your on-page SEO then you have bigger problems than figuring out where to stick your keyword phrases.

Hi Dan,

I wasn’t suggesting manually coding the pages … A CMS can be used to pull the article title and use it in the title tag. Therefore you’re generating good, unique title tags without every even having to know a single piece of code.

Similarly you could make a textarea available to be stored in the database that is then echo’d and used as the meta description … again unique per article.

It all depends on how your CMS is structured. I’d be more than happy to take a look at things and advise on your individual best course of action…

Dan this is going to sound trite but if you code it well (semantic HTML) and write your on-page copy for humans, the page will be about as well optimised as it’s going to get. It’s the incoming backlnks that will get it ranking if it’s a competitive keyword phrase.

Hi I have to disagree, at least in the case of BuiltWith Optimizer. I would like to fix my car manually but it will not happen because I don’t have the knowledge.

I respect your point though, if you do things manually you have control over everything and will learn along the way. If you know what you are doing you can get good results but the builtwith optimizer goes one step further and tells you how your SEO changes you have made are effecting your websites search engine relevance by checking third parties and monitoring your website.



I run the website optimizer at BuiltWith, I had a look into your account (the yahoo registered email address) and I can see it has recognized your meta and description tags and has found potentially issues with your site keywords and title tag.

Please give it another look as it does have some useful information for you!



I honestly think it’ll be better for you to learn the basic fundamentals of SEO … then you can tweak / apply your own methods to the basics … it will work with any site in any niche & therefore be of much better value in the long run.

Plus, what if these so called ‘optimisers’ are spitting out incorrect data based on old formula? You’ll end up ‘optimising’ it wrongly.