Can you really make money blogging?

Hey guys,

I’m trying to find a way to get some residue income so I can quit my job.

I’m gonna sound like a total noob but I didn’t know blogs can make money. It almost sounds too good to be true.

When I came across these guys I thought they were having me on:

But they seem like big players in the field.
Has anyone here made decent income from blogging? Like quit your job income.

I’m over 40 so I dunno if that’s too old to start blogging, those folks are young and in their 20s and 30s.

It is definitely possible to make money but it is hard.

There are various ways of generating an income:
Adsense and Affiliate schemes.
Writing for other people.
Writing an ebook and selling it online.

It is hard but definitely possible.

Of course you can make money blogging but I don’t think that alone can make you feel like wanting to quit your job because you are already earning enough. It takes a lot of hard work (and I mean that literally) for you to start earning “descent income” from blogging. The people in the links you gave actually don’t rely on blogging alone. They make a lot of money by selling their own products (e.g ebooks, software, etc.) and other stuff like that.

There are plenty of great articles on Google about monetizing blogs. Some of the most popular and effective ways (when utilized properly) are AdSense and affiliate advertising for products based on the category of your blog. Plenty of people over 40 blog. If you are knowledgeable about something and can write about it, you will get some readers and possibly some money. Just don’t expect to be quitting your job any time soon.

Its true that you can earn lots of money through online but in starting you have to invest lots of time and efforts to make your blog popular and informative that users bookmark your blog or sites.

Yes, I’m one of them, who has quit the job, relying on the earnings from blogging! But, I’d really advise you to have a back-up since relying only upon income from blogging isn’t a great idea, as the income levels do fluctuate a lot.

And, you’d need to put lot of efforts, and wait for at least 6-12months to start making some good money.

Thanks guys, now I’m getting a better sense of it all.

I guess I’d better keep my job before I go do anything drastic!

omthoke - congrats on making money just from blogging, that’s admirable.

I guess I better start this, if it’s going to take 6-12 months to build to a decent income!

Those pros make it sound so easy. It;s never as easy as they make it eh?!


Gee - thanks Dan! But, be wary of those who tell you deceptive figures! In reality it takes almost 8-10hrs of efforts to even make $100/month with blogging early on. Later on, the earnings go up, and efforts come down.

After 2-3yrs, you could be making > $2000/month working for 4-5hrs a day, and well in excess of $5000 if you put your heart and soul into it.

But, again you should have a back-up, and not count on just blogging income, as it DOES go up and down!

It’s possible, but not if your goal is to make money blogging. Good blogs are blogs that develop with something good to say and later build a business around the reader base, if you create a blog just as a platform to profit you’ll join the oversaturated field of other people doing the same thing with nothing real of value.

And don’t trust anyone who advertises an SEO company about the possibility of making money online. That’s like asking a used car dealer about whether you should buy car.

No that’s not the case here! @GreenIrene - Quite frankly, what you’re saying is logical, but in my case, I started as a blogger, and then started my own SEO company couple of years back!

And, I’m giving a frank advise here, and it has got nothing to do with my SEO company.

Some of the most popular and effective ways when utilized properly are AdSense and affiliate advertising for products based on the category of your blog.If you are knowledgeable about something and can write about it, you will get some readers and possibly some money.

The only way you can do that is to blog about a product you are affiliated in. Some also uses Adsense.

Jana Jade J

No Sir not at all, age doesn’t matter at all. You can start to get earn from blog but for this you need to do some struggles like you need to promote your blogs and its rank. For this purpose you must create a blog for a known product, review or an informative blog. You can take advantages from an SEO or can search this on google “how to promote website” it will definitely gives you a lot of suggestions, try to use one of them.

What many people fail to consider is the value of a following.

Sure if you have a huge group of readers you can sell ad space to relevant companies but what if you have something smaller or more focused? Certainly a corporate blog doesn’t make money off of ads. Nor does a professional blog likely support any real income.

Instead corporate blogs work to promote their offering to loyal customers, business followers, even investors. They in turn buy, partner or invest. That’s a return.

Blogging for yourself? Perhaps you work in the field you are writing about. A cook that makes a name for themselves could land catering jobs, educational classes, even a reality TV show [yikes] before they ever placed a banner. The same is true of a marketer, crafts person, whatever. Creating business is a great return from a blog.

There are many ways to make money with a blog, advertising is just one of them.

If you have the knack for it, why not? I think blogging is like any other means of making money. If you do it well enough, then someone will be willing to pay to hear your stories… i.e. your blogs

If you have high PR ,good traffic tech blog,you can easily attract high paying tech companies.These companies are always on the on for ad spaces.Even hobby blogs attract a lot of traffic.

Indeed advertising is one of the way to make money from your blog. But it is mush powerful way then others, because it needs some patient but you can earn from it for a long time then other money making methode… I think you must agree with it :slight_smile:

Can’t say I do.

Not all blogs are relevant for advertising [i.e. professional, company, or just too niche]. I don’t foresee my blog ever showing an ad but over the long term it has created profit and that will continue for as long as I’m in business. I simply use other means to drive that.

So Sir, will you please define us other ways to make money?? We alll are willing to make more and more money in easy way and legally as well… :slight_smile:

Same answer applies. Sell what you sell.

However I don’t recall saying easy. If you want easy, buy lottery tickets and hope.