Can you please disable all links trackin in programming forums?

I find it very difficult to post questions related to things like for example url matching and sometime typing of the code which results in vbulletin converting it to icon or youtube link.


Result: wer,,Longest,Word,,

I think you should disable link conversion inside special quote or php tags.

var text = “ Longest Word”;
var matches = text.match( “https?\://[-a-zA-Z0-9\.]+(/[-a-zA-Z0-9\?\=]+)?”, “ig” );

Another test

See, this forum doesn’t convert the links which should be apply to all programming forums as well.
9GAG - Sandwich

See the above post? The url automatically convert to a title instead of the full url I posted. What gives? This is so annoying in the programming forum :frowning:

you can turn this off yourself

when you go to post something (not using the quick reply, but the advanced form), look for the following options --[indent]
Miscellaneous Options
o Show your signature
o Automatically parse links in text
o Automatically retrieve titles from external links
o Disable smilies in text[/indent]
uncheck the 2nd and 3rd options if that’s what you want for your posting