Can you make money with a GoDaddy's reseller program?


I’m wondering if I can make money with a GoDaddy reseller program.

GoDaddy is a good company in my opinion. I have several domain names registered there.

Does anybody have any opinions about how much money, if any, I can make with a GoDaddy reseller program?


You pay $99 per year and if you buy at $7.75 and sell at $8.75 then you need to sell 99 just to break even. The amount of money you can make will depend on how popular your site is and how much traffic you can generate to it.It’s a tough market with low $ per sale. I personally wouldn’t buy thru a reseller when I can buy cheaper directly from a registrar. I suspect for many domain reselling is an add-on to their complementary web design or hosting services - not a stand alone.

Since when did it become acceptable to pay an annual fee to help a company sell their own products? So you have to market, sell, pay all card charges, handle all customer support, deal with all admin and also pay $99 for the privilage?

There’s only one company making any proper money out of that situation.

Seriously, there’s much easier ways of making money. If it were free, okay, I can see how you might want to offer this to your customers, but havig to pay a yearly fee really takes the biscuit IMO.

Generally I avoid such affiliate nonsense - if I’m going to help someone else market and sell their product, I want at least 50%, especially for intangible products.

I use this service as an add-on service to my web dev business. You don’t have to do any of the credit card processing, that is provided as part of the package. And you don’t have to do admin, they get thier own control panel. And support is minimal to non-existant…not that much can go wrong with domain names.

With a $6.85 buy rate, I charge my clients 14.99 plus the .25 ICANN fee. So I make about $8 per domain. About 30 clients per year = about $150 profit for doing the same exact work I have to do for the client anyways.

Now, for the open domain market I would so you probably wouldn’t make any money. Too competitive.